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Hotel Dev Ganga

Bathroom Free parking Iron WiFi

We provide the most luxurious services

We are thrilled to announce the Grand opening of Dev Ganga hotel , Haridwar on this auspicious day. Rightly mentioned symbolises positivity over negativity as per traditional belief and as per modern day Dev Ganga hotel aims at giving your centuries old belief of "positivity" a reality. Dev Ganga hotel- Haridwar is believed to have been 'the Gateway to the Gods'. It is this sense of spiritual fulfillment that the Hotel Dev Ganga endeavours to bring to its guests.

The Dev Ganga Hotel Haridwar . Dev Ganga Hotel is a great place to relax from your daily life by indulging in the yesteryears and historical beauty of this place. The name of the property derives from a Sanskrit word “Dev” meaning “Deva/God- (The celestial one) and the word “Ganga” symbolising “River”.

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